Rhinoceros 3D-The software that I’ll be using to illustrate all of the tutorials on this site.

Sketchbook Pro-An amazing drawing software by Autodesk for illustration and concept design.

Adobe Photoshop Elements-Everything you need in an affordable package to draw underlays, draw ideas, draw upon your inspiration to create some killer concepts.


3D Art Essentials: The Fundamentals of 3D Modeling, Texturing, and Animation-A must have for beginners of 3D modeling. Covers, in easy to understand concepts, all of the basic principles.

Moleskine Notebooks-My weapon of choice for taking notes, doodling, drawing, sketching, scratching, jotting, etc. It is an absolute high quality notebook.


CG Trader – This site is awesome! Once you get good with making models, why not sell them? They are a great marketplace to buy and sell models. They also have a great contest community. Check them out!

3DExport – A great 3D models marketplace! If you’re wanting to spend a little cash or just get inspired by amazing artists with a great community, 3D Export is a great place to go.

Trimble 3D Warehouse-A great search engine for finding free pre-made models.

Textures-This awesome site offers a HUGE collection of free (depending on size) textures and reference photography to assist you with your model creation.

Texture Pilot-Another amazing site filled with a wide array of free textures and reference photographs.

CtrlPaint-A superb site that teaches drawings techniques through simple analogy and bite-sized, concise videos for people of any and all skill levels.