The Render Studio | Full Bundle includes all of the studio packs in one convenient download.  Configurations include:

The Render Studio | Full Bundle


Large Circular Pedestal Pack

  • Large circular pedestal with inset panel for underglow or glass.
  • Large circular pedestal with inset panel for underglow or glass with perimeter lighting. 
  • Large circular pedestal with inset ring for uplighting.
  • Fabric drop for a more organic look and feel.

Backdrop Pack

  • Single stand with shorter flowing fabric
  • Single stand with longer flowing fabric
  • 90 degree setup with longer flowing fabric
  • 90 Curved setup with longer flowing fabric. (Modular setup can be duplicated to create 90, 180, 270 and 360 degree layouts!)

Table Pack

  • Round table
  • Square table
  • Round table with square fabric
  • Round table with round fabric
  • Square table with square fabric
  • Square table with round fabric

Plinth Pack

  • Black plinth
  • Plinth with inset panel (can be used to uplight products!)
  • Plinth with short fabric drape
  • Plinth with long flowing fabric drape

The whole thing is separated out into individual folders to make it easy to navigate and all 3D models are in OBJ format for easy import into your software suite of choice. They are all UV unwrapped for easy texturing and look fantastic!

Just import, apply materials, light, and render!

NOTE: The Backdrop Pack is broken into fabric and stand files so that you can just use the high quality stands if you need to for separate applications.