• IntrotoRendering
  • Intro to Rendering

    Introduction to Rendering is a series of videos that will get you up on your feet understanding the basics of rendering.Here’s how this series breaks down:

    1. Elements of Rendering – Exploring the 5 key elements that make a rendering.
    2. Environment – Looking at the virtual space that contains the rendering.
    3. Lights – An overview of the types of lighting that can be used to build out the scene.
    4. Objects – What types of objects work well and how they can be optimized for rendering.
    5. Materials – An exploration in what it takes to build a recipe for a great material and the different characteristics that make a material what it is.
    6. Camera – Taking a moment to understand how a virtual camera works and what it is and how you can set one up.
    7. Setting Up – This video is all about setting up the the elements mentioned above in a way that helps you set up for success when creating your final render. 
    8. Bringing it all together – The moment of truth! After setting up the render, it’s time to hit that render button and then export your render for post work to give it a nice polish.

    The run time on this introductory series is 104 minutes of awesome learning material for anyone that wants to learn the basics of rendering 3D models.

    All this for $20!