The Good Design Cohort

Once a quarter, we award one business with lifetime membership into the Good Design Cohort or GDC.

What is GDC?

Good design begins with good intentions. Here you will find companies, organizations, and individuals that offer up design in a way that benefits humanity, offer a responsible product that does more good than harm, or solves a problem in an amazing way. Once a quarter, we will select a business to award this prize to out of all of our nominations. Honorable mentions will likely happen too, if we do this right.

Why is GDC important?

Dollar stores are never going to be hurting for inventory and stuff will continue to be made for stuff’s sake. The benefit of this membership is to become part of an ever-growing group of businesses that have found a good idea, product, system, or service that amplifies the function of design. Winning businesses will have exclusive access to a private network of resources that will help them become even more amazing!

Nominate your business here!


Here is the the beginning of the cohort! As time goes on, the hope is that this list will grow to exemplify a collection of amazing companies!

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