How can I be involved? How do I nominate my company to become a GDC member?

The first thing you could do is to think long and hard about any companies that come to mind that you know personally that are doing amazing things. Better yet, if you have their contact information and are allowed to share it, send it my way at Alternatively, if you are directly affiliated with a company that you think could be featured in the GDC, fill out the nomination form below!

What’s in it for me/my company?

This is where it gets fun for the both of us! I come and interview you and or key members of your team, put together a media kit that includes the audio, a transcription, you even get an award. You are invited to proclaim your awesomeness with digital assets like the GDC badge on your website and the award at your physical headquarters.

You also get bragging rights, the bullhorn of PolyPlane to spread your message, the pride in knowing that your efforts are noticed in a rising sea of non-sustainable consumption, and a network of like-minded companies that you can network with, along with resources that can help amplify your company to do what it does even better!

Eventually, I’d like there to be an annual event, but let’s start small and see where it goes.

If you are selected, you’ll receive an email that has further instructions for continuing our conversation. Applicants may wait up to 2-3 business weeks.

*Why do you need to know the annual revenue of my company?

Fair question. We live in a world where this is one metric that might measure effectiveness and how much change is being created. Here’s the thing, this is absolutely NOT the only measure of merit. Other considerations are based on judgement such as how much value the product or service your company provides to the world or if it’s something that is ecologically impacting the world in a significantly positive way.