• Creative Block Solutions

    It happens to the best of us. Creative block or writer’s block is one of the more dreaded things that designers have to deal with on occasion. I’ve come across plenty of sites that offer tools and techniques that offer resolve, but none seem to be as steadfast as the techniques that we’ve developed over […]

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  • Three Ways to Reduce Waste

    We’ve all heard the reduce, reuse, recycle (3 R’s) back in grade school but the problem still remains. The working theory we have is that it isn’t enough to just have some simple alliteration to keep things from going south, we need a shift. Here are three things you can do┬átoday to help reduce waste […]

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  • Nine Project Factors Designers Should Consider

    Sometimes when working on a project, it can be really easy to get swept into the tide like a lost and flowing bouquet of seaweed. If you work at a good agency, however, there are some variables that are absolutely critical to keep in mind when going through the design process. Click above for full […]

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  • Which 3D Software is Best for Me?

    When was the last time that you made a decision based on emotion rather than logic? Probably fairly recently. Deciding to take the day off rather than work, getting ice cream versus going to the gym, spending just 20 more minutes on your favorite social media site rather than getting some more work done…these are […]

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  • Top 5 Skills to Master when 3D Modeling

    When I was in college, I was learning to model with AutoCAD and Form Z. The classes were a little bumpy as I tend to learn things a little differently from other people. I learn through doing. I’m a very kinesthetic and visual learner, so lectures on 3D modeling were silly to me as the […]

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