Here you will find a break down of all of the free videos that have been featured here on the site. The archive is broken down into the six levels of learning that can be found in the Foundations video series as well as the plug-in reviews and rendering series.

Level 1: Preflight

If you’re new to 3D modeling, this series of videos is for you. It will get you off the ground and on your way to understanding the core essentials of the software we will be using in this video series. I recommend that you take some time and watch these first eight videos to get acquainted with the basic ideas and tools of 3D modeling.

Preflight 1 : Why Rhino?

Preflight 2 : Navigation of Interface

Preflight 3 : Navigation of 3D Space

Preflight 4 : Toolbars

Preflight 5 : Viewport Windows

Preflight 6 : Construction Planes

Preflight 7 : Object Selection

Preflight 8 : Object Transposition

Level 2: Objects

At the core of modeling are the objects you create. This set of videos will not only show you how to start building out your next great model, but why and how to think about going through the process of planning your model, breaking the form down into easy to model parts and the basics of creating from scratch.

Hierarchy of Geometry



Object Snaps


Importance of Curves



Boolean Operations


Level 3: Modifiers

After creating objects, the next logical thing to do is to modify them. Modification in this sense can refer to changing the objects relationship to one another, the way things look, or just changing the form of the object itself.

Arrays Pt. 1

Arrays Pt. 2

Do it Right

Undo/Redo History

Block Instance

Object Manipulation: Taper | Shear

Object Manipulation: Bend | Twist

Object Manipulation: Flow

Level 4: Surfacing

Once you’ve got a hold on the idea of not only creating basic objects, but then manipulating them to create basic objects, it’s time to take it to the next level. The surfacing category covers most of the main topics involved in creating surfaces, manipulating them, and then using them in conjunction with your object. If you want to learn more about surfacing in depth, I highly recommend checking out the premium video “Surfacing” in the store.


Sweeps Pt. 1

Sweeps Pt. 2


Network Surfaces

Network Surfaces: A Closer Look

Projecting Curves

Model Scale

Fillets and Chamfers

Level 5: I/O

So you’ve made your awesome model. Now what? Perhaps you want to export curves to Photoshop or Illustrator. Perhaps you want to take your model to another program to sculpt in detail like Z-Brush.  Perhaps you have underlays that you need to bring into your model space to use as a framework for additional components. This set of videos will get you there.

Modeling as Play


Cheating Symmetry

Exporting Curves

Exporting 3D

Underlays and “Pictureframe”


Unrolling Surfaces

Level 6 – Meta

Now that we’ve got all the tangible information out of the way, let’s take a tangential look at some of the more abstract ideas and concepts about modeling. From taking dimensions off of your model to understanding the importance of archiving your models with a digital sketchbook. These videos over a little more of an approach philosophy than the other videos on the site.

A to B

Tidy Files

Tangible Tools

Numeric VS Arbitrary


Fillets Explored Further

3D in Reality

3D Patterns



3D Sketchbook


Existing Models


Over the last couple years,  I’ve had tons of requests to do some rendering videos. While I felt this wasn’t really in the spirit of PolyPlane, I did think there was some merit considering, there are more of you than there are of me…so 🙂 Below is a series of videos that will get you up on your feet understanding the basics of rendering.

Intro to Rendering Pt. 1 – Elements of Rendering

Intro to Rendering Pt. 2 – Environment

Intro to Rendering Pt. 3 – Lights

Intro to Rendering Pt. 4 – Objects

Intro to Rendering Pt. 5 – Materials

Intro to Rendering Pt. 6 – Camera

Intro to Rendering Pt. 7 – Setting Up

Intro to Rendering Pt. 8 – Bringing it All Together

Plug-In Reviews:

The great thing about software like Rhinoceros 3D, is that it has a great support network behind it in the community. Every once in a while, I take some time out and review some of the plug-ins that people have written to expand the functionality of Rhino by way of really cool tools.

Edge Softening

Technical Drawing

Rhino Hair

Paneling Tools



Store Items:

This is the heart and soul of These videos and video bundles offer a deep dive into a particular topic. Everything from taking a loose sketch and turning it into a model to printing a model with a 3D printer. These videos are the reason I built this site. They help people learn. FAST. If you like what I do here and love, this is where you, as the viewer, can help this site and keep it as ad free as possible.

Sketch To Model

Sketch To Model 2