I’m so excited! Sketch to Model 2 is available!

This is for anyone interested in creating an informed design using an array of illustrative techniques and 3D modeling. Students and professionals alike will benefit from this series. While I use Rhinoceros 3D in this awesome series, you can apply these principles to any 3D visualization software of your choosing.

What’s inside:

Three videos:

  • Part 1: Introduction, Research and Inspiration
  • Part 2: Thumbnailing and Concept Refinement
  • Part 3: Modeling and Levels of Read
The original files:
  • The scans of all of the thumbnails.
  • The layered PSD for you to explore.
  • The layered model with the initial curves I used to create the model.


  • A great list of sites that I go to regularly to get inspired!
  • Additional assets that I use to create the final illustration.


With your purchase, you’ll receive a link to download the Intro to Rendering series completely free! This awesome 8 part primer will go over all of the basics of learning how and more importantly why we would even render our concepts in the first place. It’s absolutely packed with information and included with Sketch to Model 2!

Run time: 90 minutes.

Limited time: $30

Check it out here.

Excited to see what everyone thinks!





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