Intro to Rendering Pt. 8 | Bringing it All Together

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Finally, we’ve reached our end video in the Intro to Rendering Series!

In this video I show the basic process for starting up the rendering plug-in/software and talk a little bit about post production, compositing, and saving files.

At this point, I recommend if you haven’t watched the rest of the ItR Series you should totally watch them again here:
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Below are a few resources that I go to regularly whenever I’m stuck and need some help doing renderings:

Chaos Group

They are the distributers of VRay for just about every platform. Great forum and a lot of the content has been cloned over from other user groups that existed in the past.


Want a few thousand textures for free? CG Textures is your go-to resource for everything from wood to metal to weird organic stuff that helps create really compelling renderings.


A premium model and texture website that has a great support network and can get you up and running with some phenomenal models and textures that are really well priced.

GreyScale Gorilla

Want to learn how to model and render in Cinema 4D fast? GSG is a KILLER resource for learning. They have free models, tutorials and some killer products. I recommend giving them a visit.


  • numan says:

    Thanks a lot for these video series!

    Any chance you could upload your educational videos on youtube? The reason i am asking is because vimeo doesn’t have the capability to speedup videos which I find frustrating for long education videos.

    It seems that vimeo doesn’t think this is a critical feature (see this and either wants people to be able to download the video (which i can’t seem to do with your videos) or to upgrade to pro membership and use a third party player.

    • Pilot says:

      Hi there Numan,

      First off, thanks so much! I’m glad you are finding the videos useful!

      Usually my videos max out at around 8 minutes, so I understand the frustration you express. Long videos are not the norm for this site as it really goes against the ethos of the philosophy behind PolyPlane. That said, unfortunately, the videos can be scrubbed through, but as you noticed not fast-forwarded. Apologies for any frustrations that this causes. I’ll be offering the rendering series soon in video package soon on the store for everyone. At that point, you can download the video and use it how ever you’d like.

      Have a great day!


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