Intro to Rendering Pt.7 | Setting Up

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When setting up the scene, you have to determine everything that we’ve discussed so far in this “Intro to Rendering Series”. At this point, I recommend referring back to Pt. 1 of this series to go back over all of the basic categories that you’ll be needing to set up for a successful render.

To review:

  • Determine and set up the appropriate environment that will represent your render in the most logical way to what you are trying to communicate.
  • Set and save your views.
  • Break your model into the different material categories. At this point, for rendering I usually break my object into different layers that correspond to the materials that they will eventually use.
  • Build your materials using the “material recipe” equation that I discussed in the materials video.
  • Double check to make sure you’ve got everything in the scene that you need such as planes to catch shadows.
  • Set up the lighting.
  • Don’t forget to save!

The last Intro to Rendering video will come shortly!




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