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If you can identify the intent of your project before your start, it will save you time, energy and result in a better end product.

A few key questions to ask yourself include:

  • What is your intent when you are modeling?
  • Are you modeling something that is for visulaization purposes? Like renderings and illustrations?
  • Are you modeling something that is going to be manufactured? Like a 3D print, prototype or something like that?
  • Are you modeling for fun and practice or are you doing it for a job?
  • If it is for visualization purposes, can you add onto the visuals in photoshop to save time?
  • Is it is something that is going to be fabricated by one method or another and how much detail does the person fabricating the final form need? And are there pre-existing variables that you’ll need to model around?
  • Is your computer the last one to touch the model before it goes out the door? If not, what does the next person need from you when it is their turn to work on the model? Are they working in the same software? If not, what sort of files can they open?

If you get yourself into a situation where you are creating models for both visualization and fabrication, step back and asses how you might be able to time it so that the two methods don’t conflict and actually compliment one another.

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