Plug-in Review: T-Splines

The T-Splines plug-in for Rhinoceros is quite possibly one of my favorite plug-ins.

It is made by Autodesk and has a fabulous collection of how-to videos to get you up and running. My favorite part is it’s ability to rapidly produce organic forms with an insane amount of ease and control. It will truly save you hours of work by removing the need to worry about networking surfaces, continuity etc.

If you build a regular NURBS surface in that has a surface degree of “2”, you can actually convert it to a T-Splines surface and thicken it, edit it and so on  and then convert it back to a polysurface with no surface degradation. I also am in love with this new version for the update pipe command built in. If you struggle with fillets on pipes that connect together, this command is a huge help.

Check it out the trial today at

Just a reminder, there are only 3 weeks left in the submission window for this last MMC! Details can be found here.