Tangible Tools

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There are six tools on my desk that I think you should know about. These are things that help me capture, measure and experiment with forms. These tools include the following:

  • Scanner – Critical in lieu of a drawing tablet to import underlays, extract cross sections from objects and capturing textures.
  • Digital Camera – Capturing reference, form, ideas. Need I say more? Get one of these. I use a Nikon P7000 for my day to day and a Nikon D7000 for higher end shoots.
  • Drawing Triangle – For drawing straight lines, checking angles (a protractor is great too) or if you just need to align things.
  • Dial Caliper – A must for anyone who is modeling small precise parts.
  • 6″ Metal Ruler – For measuring parts. Try and get one that has both imperial and metric units.
  • Plastalina Clay– Great for creating forms to figure out how a form might be built in 3D

Enjoy creating awesome things! And you can check out the forum here!

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