Plug-in Review: Rhino Hair

By August 20, 2012October 18th, 20168 Comments

With the RhinoHair plugin you can create meshes to simulate hair, fur, carpet, grass or any other loose fiber system that you might want to suggest in your model. The individual hairs are meshes and are built out randomly by using a reference surface as it’s origin and bounding plane.

One draw back that I’m  not sure has been addressed in FurGen is collision detection. If you get close to your hair pattern, you’ll notice that the meshes do indeed pass through each other at points. This can be controlled more via less gravity and a lower hair count.

Remember, the more hairs you tell the plug-in to create, the longer the generation time will take. If you want to fake it, you can always generate a lower hair count and duplicate it a couple times and move, scale and rotate them around to fill in larger gaps.

Download RhinoHair here.

If you get stuck installing a plug-in, you can visit this quick guide as a reference.


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