Plug-in Review: Technical Drawing

This is a great plug-in that allows for a technical drawing of your model. You can then use either the “Screencapturetoclipboard”, “Screencapturetofile”, or print function to grab a copy of what you see in your active viewport. I personally prefer to use the print function so you have a little more control of what you are outputting, e.g., resolution, line scale thickness, etc.  After you have opened the print in Photoshop or whatever image editing software you use, you can use it as a great underlay for illustrations, explanatory drawings and whatnot.

This free plug-in for Rhinoceros can be downloaded here: Technical Drawing

How to install a plug-in in Rhino –

In other news, thanks so much to LifeHacker for hosting the five day Night School Series which mirrored the Preflight section. What a week!

If you get stuck installing a plug-in, you can visit this quick guide as a reference.