Exporting 3D

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Exporting 3D objects enables you the ability to 3D print, transfer objects from program to program, collaborate with multiple other 3D modelers and countless other possibilities. While there is a wide range of 3D file formats available to export in Rhino, in this video, we’ll be going over five:

  • STEP – Great for submitting to engineers or those who use Solidworks.
  • 3DS – Flexible and light, this is a great file for sending to polygonal modeling programs like Max, Cinema 4D and others.
  • OBJ – Another pretty universal file format. Opens great in Cinema 4D, Modo, Z-Brush among others.
  • DAE – Collada file. This is a file that SketchUp touts as an export.
  • STL – STereoLithography – The file format that is wonderful for 3D printing.

If you have a specific export need, leave a detailed comment below and I’ll see how I can help.

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