Network Surfaces

By May 7, 2012September 11th, 20126 Comments

The last surfacing tool that I’d like to talk about is called “networksrf” or Network Surface.

Network surfaces use both outer edge curves and, sometimes, inner curves to define the topology of your surface. This tool is, by far, the most flexible of the surfacing tools. It can be used to generate all sorts of cool forms with predictable control points across the surface.


  • Adam Bryant says:

    great video, im actually very frustrated at the moment trying to do what should be a simple excercise…I’m trying to build a 3d fluer de lys, and just cant get the surfaces to build how i need them to build…..will purchase your chair tut and hope to see more tutorials up soon…especially the surface one you mentioned…..cheers.

  • adam bryant says:

    ok mate, here’s a link to an image of a shape i am trying to work on.

    i am trying to turn the front (white) face into a rounded shape. i have tried variable filleting and it just makes a huge mess in the tight corners. I have also tried scaling the top surface down and then blending the two surfaces but that doesn’t work either.

    If you could create a tutorial that would let me know how to do such a thing i will gladly pay for it and will be most grateful.

    the surfacing tutorial is fantastic by the way…..within the first few minutes i’d already learnt 3 new things!!

    i look forward to hearing from you.

  • Pim Dirickx says:

    Thank you for all these great tutorials, and for the time you spend to create them!
    I think your way of teaching is very clear and even fun :D.
    I’d be happy to share your site and to buy some of your store products.
    Keep up the good work man!

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