Block Instances

By March 12, 2012September 11th, 20124 Comments

What if you could rapidly replace multiple instances of an object that are in your scene? With block instances, you can! Watch today’s video to find out more.


  • otto gigantino says:

    So, I read Machine design article and was interested enough to get on the website for a “free” demo on preflight.
    So, how do I get to see the demo??

    • Pilot says:

      Hi Otto! Glad to see you found the site OK. A lot of people using Internet Explorer are having a hard time seeing the navigation bar at the top. (I’m working on this.) The pre-flight series can be found here. Enjoy!


  • Dyna says:

    I’ve never used this before, it’s awesome! Is an aproach to parametric modeling, I don’t know Rhino has this, thanks, you have won +1 karma!

  • Chad Knight says:

    Another tool I keep kicking myself for not taking the time to learn. Thanks again. You just saved me a lot of time and headache.

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