Boolean Operations

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Named after George Boole, these operations are the heart and soul of basic object transformation. The Boolean operations break down into 4 main types:

  1. Union-Combines two or more forms or shapes together to make a new form.
  2. Difference-Subtracts one or more forms from another.
  3. Intersect-Calculates the spatial overlap between forms and the result is the final output.
  4. Split-A similar operation as the intersect, this calculates the spatial overlap, but then also affects the operators. Such as splitting a cube with a sphere, the sphere “bite” taken out of the cube remains behind after the operation is complete.

These operations are critical to performing tasks such as creating holes in a solid, adding geometry together to create new geometry or simply extracting a shape by using two parent shapes. Boolean operations are really helpful when first learning how to 3D model.

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