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  • What others are saying:

    • It is great to see fellow professionals who actually care about the quality of their product.

      Jamie Norton | Owner | Flametree Design | Australia
    • You always learn something at PolyPlane

      Jonnie Godfrey | CEO | TGraph | England
    • You have a superior product/approach, but most people won’t appreciate the brilliance of your method until they dive in.

      Sindiso Nyirenda | Featured Reader | California
    • A few months ago I discovered your website, PolyPlane.com. I was very much a beginner in Rhino at that time. Since purchasing your videos, “Sketch to Model” and “Surfacing”, my skills have improved quite a bit, thanks to you!

      John Bukasa | Owner | Sketch Mechanic
    • I learned Rhino from zero to intermediary level, and now I’m looking for a job on the field of 3D design, thanks to you!

      Diego Xavier Crivelin | Designer | Danielle Metais
    • You just saved me a lot of time and headache.

      Chad Knight | Designer | Vans Shoes
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