• Intro to Rendering Pt. 8 | Bringing it All Together

    Finally, we’ve reached our end video in the Intro to Rendering Series! In this video I show the basic process for starting up the rendering plug-in/software and talk a little bit about post production, compositing,…

  • Intro to Rendering Pt.7 | Setting Up

    When setting up the scene, you have to determine everything that we’ve discussed so far in this “Intro to Rendering Series”. At this point, I recommend referring back to Pt. 1 of this series to go back…

  • Intro to Rendering Pt.6 | Camera

    Depth of Field The field of focus in a scene. The key here is understanding that this depth is adjustable.  So more or less of your subject can be in focus. Normally think of really…

  • Intro to Rendering Pt. 5 | Materials

    Materials indicate four basic properties of information about objects that are in the scene. They are: diffuse, emit, reflect and refract. Diffuse: The diffuse channel is the most basic channel to apply to your object….