• Intro to Rendering Pt.6 | Camera

    Depth of Field The field of focus in a scene. The key here is understanding that this depth is adjustable.  So more or less of your subject can be in focus. Normally think of really…

  • Intro to Rendering Pt. 5 | Materials

    Materials indicate four basic properties of information about objects that are in the scene. They are: diffuse, emit, reflect and refract. Diffuse: The diffuse channel is the most basic channel to apply to your object….

  • Intro to Rendering Pt. 4 | Objects

    Objects are what indicate the form and the shadows and sometimes, can also be another source of lighting in your render. Polyplane largely to this point has focused on NURBS as the modeling medium in…

  • Intro to Rendering Pt. 3 | Lighting

    Lighting usually refers to the source or sources of simulated illumination in the scene. The four main family types of lights: Ambient lights (Including Global Illumination) Spot lights Point lights Directional lights Before getting into…